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Are You a Health Professional and Want to add HeartMath Technologies to Your Practice?
Health Professional Starter Packages | Inner Balance Bundle | emWave Starter Package
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HeartMath Meditation Assistant with emWave2

HeartMath Meditation Assistant with emWave2

List Price: $208.95
Price: $ 149.25

The HeartMath Meditation Assistant with emWave2® includes both the emWave2 and the the Heartmath Meditation, a booklet with tips and suggestions to deepen your meditative or self–help

Available in charcoal gray or silver blue.

Dual Drive Pro for emWave Pro and emWave2 - PC Only

Dual Drive Pro for emWave Pro and emWave2 - PC Only

Only: $ 69.00

Ease into the Race:

Start your engines and stay on course with Dual Drive Pro, revolutionary auto race game powered by your balanced heart-rhythms and inner alignment (coherence). As you race across Aztec Swamp, Lost Desert and other courses, you'll learn to concentrate – on task – while maintaining and building physiological and emotional balance in challenging situations.

emWave Health Professional Package

emWave Health Professional Package

List Price: $923.00
Price: $ 626.20

The Health Professional emWave® Package gives you an introduction and basic instruction on how to use the emWave® Pro and emWave2® with your clients. emWave2 is a portable unit that also gives your clients the added benefit of viewing recorded sessions. You as a practitioner will now be able to review client's progress in between office visits and track how they are doing by uploading their emWave2 sessions to your desktop computer.

The HP emWave Package includes:

1- emWave Pro with USB ear sensor works on PC & Mac
3- emWave2 handheld devices with software
Client Education Brochures (25 pack)
A Practitioners Guide, Applications of the emWave Pro

Revitalize You! with emWave2

Revitalize You! with emWave2

Price: $ 399.00

Revitalize You! is an e-learning program that trains you to respond differently to the stressful situations found at work and in everyday activities.

Revitalize You! is a self-paced 5 week e-learning program that combines the award winning emWave® technology with highly effective HeartMath techniques for managing stress and building resilience.

Revitalize You! has been available for our corporate partners since early 2010 with great results. Employees who have taken the 5 week course report an increase in energy and a decrease in anger, depression and anxiety. They also find it easier to sleep at night and are enjoying life more.

emWave Ear Sensor

emWave Ear Sensor

Only: $ 25.00

The emWave® Ear Sensor has excellent signal quality, even under difficult conditions. Sleek design (smaller, thinner, lighter) is comfortable for extended wear and fits all sizes (child to adult).

The Ear Sensor has a compact profile and lightweight construction for a user friendly sensor. Great sensitivity and easy ear placement accommodates varying sizes readily and it's flexible cord allows for freedom of movement.

Requires and plugs into the USB Sensor Module and , which is included in the full emWave Desktop package. It is also compatible with the very popular emWave2 handheld unit.

Glossary of Terms

Cardiac Coherence--A mode of cardiac function in which the heart's rhythmic and electrical output is highly ordered. HeartMath research has shown that the positive emotions such as love, care, and appreciation increase coherence in the heart?s rhythmic beating patterns. During states of cardiac coherence, brain wave patterns have been shown to entrain with heart rate variability patterns; in addition, nervous system balance and immune function are enhanced. Overall, the body functions with increased harmony and efficiency.

Coherence--Logical connectedness, internal order, or harmony among the components of a system. This term can also refer to the tendency toward increased order in the informational content of a system or in the information flow between systems. In physics, two or more waveforms that are phase-locked together (so that their energy is constructive) are described as coherent. Coherence can also be attributed to a single waveform, in which case it denotes an ordered or constructive distribution of power content. Recently, there has been a growing scientific interest in coherence in living systems. When a system is coherent, virtually no energy is wasted, because of the internal synchronization among the parts. In organizations, increased coherence enables the emergence of new levels of creativity, cooperation, productivity, and quality at all levels.

Heart Rate Variability (HRV)--The normally occurring beat-to-beat changes inheart rate. Analysis of HRV is an important tool used to assess the function and balance of the autonomic nervous system. HRV is considered a key indicator of aging, cardiac health, and overall well-being.

Stress--Pressure, strain, or a sense of inner turmoil resulting from our perception and reactions to events or conditions. A state of negative emotional arousal, usually associated with feelings of discomfort or anxiety that we attribute to our circumstances or situation.

Showing 6-10 of 15 matches.
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